Sunday, December 18, 2005

On December 1st and 2nd, I went to a school for handicapped children as a part of teaching course. First day, I joined a class of intellectual handicap (second grade of high school). They were very very active and cheerful. They talked to me without constraint. I was very happy. I helped some labortories. Second day, I joined a class of physical handicap (third grade of high school). Some of the students could use computer well, and make calenders as memorial of graduation. They are smart. But I felt sorry for them. I could not catch what they said.
This school is familier from high school to elementary school. They played together during lunch break. There was no wall between seniors and junior. The distance between students and teachers is also close. This is the best ideal situation of any school. I saw that students smlied often. This maens they enjoy their school lives. I think I did not smile (not laughing) so much when I was a high shcool student. I envy them.
This is my first time to talk with them directly, so it is good experience for me to understand them even a little.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Today, I went to watch a soccer game in Banpaku studium with Haruna. It was a game of Gamba Osaka vs. United Chiba. This is the first time to watch it at all standing(terrace?). There was very crowded, so I got tired. I sang several supporting songs. I felt that I became real one of supporters. The game was nice. We supported Gamba, though it lost. On the way to home, we met a woman. She spoke to us suddenly on the train. She also seemed to go to watch the game. We are surprised, but anyway, answered. She asked us that which player do we like? and why? where are we from? what are we doing now? and so on. By the way of parenthesis, she weared a towel of Oguro around her neck. I think she is strange, but when she got of the train, her atmosphere was not so bad, so well, it's OK.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I watched the Disney movie's Liro and Stitch at AVL. Since the movie is about 80 minutes or so, I felt it was very fast to finish. The contents are interesting and very very pretty. Liro is vey cute. Stitch is also cute, but I do not have a courage to have such kind of pet. To my surprise, Stitch has four hands(arms) originally. He can hide or put out them consciously.His instinct is to destroy everything. I did not know Stitch was so ferocious. My image to him was cute smiling face. He is an alien. This thing is a little shocking for me. However, he seems to become better character in the end. The ending is happy. I enjyed watching it so much. I recommend you.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

During Gaidai Festival, I watched an Owarai show. There were 4 groups which dialogue a comic by 2 people. I have seen two of them, but they are all funny. Especially, Nakagawake, who is a veteran comedian, came from Morigutchi-shi, so their dialogue was about neiborhood around Kansai Gaidai. For example, it is about Keihan train, Kuzuha, Makino station etc. So, I could enjoy it very much. Then, a young comedian, Chu-toriaru was also so funny. I laughed with tears in my eyes. Other two comedians were also funny. After finishing this live, I went to the Koto club. I listened the melody of koto. There was a flavor of Japanese style. The club's members weared a kimono, so they were all pretty.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Recently, I drove a car a little bit. I moved the car from the garage to road. Since I did not drive a car for about two and half months, I felt really afraid. My mother had looked my way of moving the car and she led me to safe distance between my car and things which are close to the car. I could barely get out it with her help. Then, I put on the hand brake and switched from D to P, and interchanged with my mother. She said that her heart leaps into her mouth. Besides, I was witnessed my driving by a man who lives in front of my garage. He laughs at us a little, but I think he was afriad of my driving. That was interesting because I and my mother understood his feeling easily. I want to heve much time to drive!!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

I met with a high school's friend who I have not see her long time. We talked about our good old story in the high school dyas. During the summer vacation, we got a letter which is about an alumuni meeting from our high school. We had planned to go to the meeting. However, in spite of our returning of the letter which we wrote "attendance", my high school did not reply any more. We confused whether the meeting was really held or not. Though I checked the school's HP, it was not written about it. In the end, we did not go it. Perhaps the letter was false, so we were deceived...?!
These days I have several assingment to watch a video. One is Scott's assingment, the other is area studies of America's it. The content of movie is completely different, but it is hard to remember and write both of them. Do you know a movie of "A Steetcar Named Desire"? Though it must be relating to Southern America, I did not feel like that. It was difficult and complicate, besides white-black video! I do not recommend you so much.

Monday, October 10, 2005

In GAIDAI festival, there are two 'owarai' lives. One is held in first day of festival, and the other is third day of it. I am planning to go the first day's live. Also I want to see the Koto club's event, because a person whom I met in a teaching course's class belongs to the club, and she said she have to sell some tickets. It costs me two handreds yen, and I can eat some snacks. I think it is good, so if you want to go the event, let's go together.
By the way, I work at part time job these days. But I want to quit it because I do not have enough time mentally. I want to study abroad next year and I am planning to apply the next program in November. That is why I have to quit it soon, but I can not say well to my boss. Do you know some good word, excuse or convincing word? The evening of tomorrow, I am going to my job.